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IT3415ND/ IT4415ND/ IT6415ND
iTracer is an industrial grade product with advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm. It can deliver the maximum available power for charging batteries and charge a lower nominal voltage battery from a higher nominal voltage array.
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Advanced MPPT algorithm with the max. tracking efficiency of 99%
Multi-phase synchronous rectification technology realizing peak conversion efficiency 98%
Dual-core(ARM CPU+DSP) control architecture improves the system response speed and optimizes the performance of the system
Advanced MPPT technology, with efficiency no less than 99.5%
Maximum conversion efficiency of 98% and full load efficiency of 97%
MSRT, realizing high conversion efficiency in the situation of low charge power
Ultra-fast tracking speed and guaranteed tracking efficiency
Accurately recognizing and tracking of multiple power points
Reliable automatic limit function of maximum PV input power, ensuring no overload
Wide MPP operating voltage range
High-speed and high-powered dual-core processor architecture, improving system response speed, optimizing system performance
Die-cast aluminum case for heat dissipating, ensuring excellent heat dissipation
12/24/36/48VDC automatically identifying system voltage or user-defined working voltage
Concise human-computer interactive interface, convenient multiple combination keys,
dynamically displaying system operating data and working condition.
Multiple load control modes: manual control, light ON/OFF, light on+timer and time control.
Support 4 charging options: Sealed, Gel, Flooded and User.
Battery temperature compensation function.
Real-time energy statistics function.
With RS-485, RS-232 communication bus interface and Modbus communication protocol, it
is available to meet various communication requirements in different situations.
Available for PC monitoring and external display unit connecting like MT50 and so on,
realizing real-time data checking and parameters setting.
Support software upgrade.

Electronic Protections:
PV short circuit  protection
PV over current protection
PV reverse polarity protection
Battery over voltage protection
Battery over discharge protection
Battery reverse polarity protection
Load overload protection
Load short circuit protection
Battery overheating protection
Controller overheating protection