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The TRIRON series controllers are modular-designedproducts based on nine MPPT solar controller models. The main unit (PowerModule) is a solar controller which can be integrated with different displayand interface modules to meet a variety of functional requirements.

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Product Features
Self-identifying, load the driver for each module
Modular design, varied combination to meet different requirements
Support the hot swapping function(only for same model)
Advanced MPPT control algorithm to minimize the MPP loss rate and loss time
Ultra-fast tracking speed, and high tracking efficiency ≥99.5%
Accurately tracking and recognizing of multiple MPP
Peak conversion efficiency of 98%
Auto limit function of charging power and charging current.
Compatible with lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries
Wide MPP operating voltage range
Full load operation during the working temperature range
Auto reduce power function when charging in high temperature
Multiple load work modes
Battery temperature compensation
Real-time power statistics recording function
Multiple LCD and LED display modules optional
Master-slave interface module design, simultaneously view the controller and inverter operating data
Dry contact design, remotely switch on/off external equipment
Dual USB design, supply DC power for electronic equipment
Perfect electronic protection function

Protection function
PV over current protection
PV short circuit protection
Lithium battery low temperature protection
Night reverse charging protection
Battery reverse polarity protection
PV reverse polarity protection
Battery over discharge protection
Battery over heat protection
Battery over voltage protection
Load short circuit protection
Load overload protection
Controller overheating protection