List of exhibitions in the first half of the year

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As of the end of June, EPsolar has participated in a total of six International Exhibition for Photovoltaic and Energy, including Solar Middle East in Dubai in February, The Solar Show Africa in South Africa and LED Exhibition in Yangzhou in March, SNEC in shanghai in April, POGEE 2017 in Pakistan and Intersolar Europe in Munich in June.

In the exhibitions, we launched lots of series of new products. Including IP350 Pure wave Inverter, TRIRON Series Module MPPT Solar Charge Controller, UPOWER 3kva Inverter Charger, 100A MPPT Charge Controller. All the new product got unanimous approval and favorable comments from customers. And TRIRON series attracted everyone's eyes.

TRIRON series controller is a modular-designed product based on MPPT solar controller. The main unit is a solar controller which is able to be integrated with different display and interface modules to meet a variety of functional requirements. TRIRON series controller can automatically identify and load the drivers of various modules.Besides the innnovative module design, the TRIRON series inherits Epsolar's traditional MPPT tech advantage with 98% conversion efficiency and no less than 99.5% track efficiency.

TRIRON series includes the below models:

•TRIRON1206N10A, 12/24V auto work

•TRIRON1210N10A, 12/24V auto work

•TRIRON2206N 20A, 12/24V auto work

•TRIRON2210N 20A, 12/24V auto work

•TRIRON 3210N 30A, 12/24V auto work

•TRIRON4210N40A, 12/24V auto work

At present we have completed all aspects of tests about TRIRON series, including research, manufacture, practical application test etc.,

Solar Middle East in Dubai in February 2017

Intersolar Europe in Munich in June 2017

SNEC in shanghai in April 2017

In second half of 2017, the new EPEVER products will be launched into market soon which will meet the needs of customers in many fields.

Meanwhile, we will work on providing diversified POWER SUPPLY SOLUTION all the time. And strive to make it better and better.

In second half year of 2017, we will participate in Intersolar South America 2017 in Brazil, THE GREEN EXPO in Mexico and Solar Power International in the USA, in order to expand our International Market. At that time, we will take a sincere smile look forward to your visit.

2017 is the tenth year of EPSOLAR, and the set-sail year of EPSOLAR. The future, we will continue to move forward!


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