EPsolar in Solar Pakistan Expo

Release date:2018.04.10Source:

The 7th Solar Pakistan was held on 29th March in Expo Centre Lahore, EPsolar carried Solar charge controller, inverter, hybrid inverter-charger, solar lighting smart monitor system in the expo. This Expo has been the optimum platform for Asia solar market with its larger scale,professinal and large influence.

The booth, with the help of Pakistan office Progressive Venture, is designed by EPsolar VI, and attracted many visitors.The visitors showed large interest in XTRA, TRIRON, Wireless smart monitor, hybrid inverter-charger

Commiting itself to change human life, EPsolar always launches new products for different area, BTS system, solar home system, RV system, solar lighting, portable system.

This time, EPsolar not only explore Pakistan solar market, but also accelerate marketing operation in the world. We will continue expand our brand influence all over the world.


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