EPEVER SHI series inverter notice

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Dear Customer:

Thanks for your long-term support to EPEVER!
We regret to inform you that EPEVER has decided to discontinue the production of SHI series inverter. We will stop receiving the new orders after selling the existing inventory, please contact your sales manager for more details.
EPEVER has released IPower-Plus series inverter from 500W to 5000W since 2020. This series has been greatly improved in technical specification, performance, function, appearance and humanization design which can also replace SHI series inverter to meet your demand better. 

IPower-Plus features:
Pure sine wave output
Input to output electrical isolation
Digital dual closed-loop control of voltage and current
Input surge current suppression for lithium battery systems
Output power factor up to 1
Simple system wiring & 180 degrees rotating LCD
Input Protection: Reverse polarity, Low-voltage, Over-voltage
Output Protection: Overload, Short circuit, Overheating
Phone and PC remote control through RS485 port
Extra external switch port
Safety (EN/IEC62109) & EMC approved by international standards

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